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5 Facts to Remember to Do Offshore Software Testing

In order to build or upgrade a software, quality assurance testing is necessary to ensure cyber security from hackers. The developers formulate coding and tests to ensure seamless functioning of the software applications while the QA testers are solely responsible for the front end customer experience. QA testing at regular and short intervals are necessary to get hold of the minor bugs before they become a major issue. Sometimes the rigorous testing is outsourced to other organisations to have a better control over the testing mechanism. Outsourcing of Software testing services proves beneficial with low costs along with better monitoring over the applications thus ensuring the ultimate product makes customer experience better.


There are 5 things to keep in mind before outsourcing Quality Assurance to other organisations for your own software, as below:


  • Select the right outsourcing vendor – The ultimate moto of outsourcing QA testing mechanism to external parties is to reduce costs. However that should not compromise the quality of the software product. Hence it is advisable that you conduct an extensive research to seek the right vendor who provides the best quality testing at a reasonable price! Check for the time differences owing to different time zones (due to outsourcing with companies in different countries) which tends to affect scheduling. Also note the challenges that may arise due to language differences too! It is advisable to go for demo sessions or check former project reports before outsourcing the testing mechanism based on just online survey or market research.
  • Define SLA – SLA or service level agreement needs a strict adherence and it ensures both the parties are up to the mark when it comes to their respective deliverables. It also helps to outline the project specifications and guidelines at every level of testing, as there are a couple of successive testing layers. The SLA tends to be a legal platform which both the parties should abide by to set and deliver as per the expectations at each and every phase thus allowing better management over the outsourcing partners.
  • Motivation is the key to success – It is highly important that the team members as well as the outsourcing partners are motivated to deliver high end results. They need to be respected and their performance appreciated to ensure smooth delivery every time. It is also important to provide them with the best equipped tools and data to make the work easier to deliver. Take time out for employee feedback and their inputs in to the process.
  • Focus on Quality assurance - Note that the outsourced partners remain focussed at quality assurance tasks only. If they are in to coding, this might turn unproductive as it would again require them to test the codes. Hence a neutral QA testing organisation is preferred who would go by all the necessary testing protocols. 
  • Communication is important – Generally the outsourced companies are across the seas which means time differences. There is no face to face communication. Hence it is important to communicate more over Skype, Slack or other business messaging and calling platforms to ensure that they do not feel isolated or excluded. This will also help in gaining their inputs and to stay connected with the in house teams.


Go ahead to make your brand a success by outsourcing to the best organisation.


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